Project Progress  


The project is organised in four work packages plus one inclusive of a techno-economic assessment (see the corresponding section on the website), dissemination and coordination. The work packages are subdivided in tasks. In order to have more information on a specific task click on it

Work Package 1
  · Feedstock delivery and assessment-Finland
  · Assessment of feedstock potential in Tuscany and in Italy
  · Pilot performance

Work Package 2
  · Specification for PO

Work Package 3
  · Combustion fundamentals of PO oils and PO based fuels in lab scale equipment
  · Utilisation in medium size (200 kW – 1 MW) boilers
  · Tests with a PO emulsion in a small boiler
  · Tests with PO in a large boiler

Work Package 4
  · Emulsion production from PO
  · Hot vapour filter design and operation in PDU-scale

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